I am a senior at the University of Florida. I am studying sustainability and the built environment, with a focus on urban and regional planning. This semester I was challenged to embark upon a change campaign. The purpose of this assignment was to make a sustainable change in my life or in the life of others.

I strive to practice sustainable principles in my daily life, but as an annual participant in Christmas consumerism, I recognized an unsustainable behavior that I have perpetuated. These unsustainable behaviors are reinforced by my family and our traditions, perceived convenience, and perceptions of available time.

I still find joy in giving other’s gifts, and I do not want to abandon the sentiment of this tradition. So, I would like to change the way in which I go about gift-giving. 

This year I have challenged myself to reduce my unsustainable consumption and increase my happiness. This blog will document my successes and failures with the process of preparing for a “green” Christmas.