Experiences Not Things

thumbnail_img_6682Before the end of classes, I suggested to my roommates that we go do something in lieu of buying each other gifts. They were enthusiastic about the idea, so today we went to lunch and then attended a ballet at the University of Florida Phillips Center.
This was one of my favorite “green” gifts for several reasons. First, we got to spend time together (time that may have otherwise been spent stressing out in Target looking for last-minute gifts). It was a way to relax and have fun pre-finals week. Second, we ate at a small business and supported a local dance company. Third, besides the ticket we received at the door, and the cups our coffee came in, this outing produced no landfill waste. Lastly, I got two other people to participate in “green” gifting.

Planning an outing like this is a fun way to celebrate the season and honor your friendships without a large impact on the environment!


Repurposed Gifts


So giving a “used” gift can feel a little strange. Giving used items is taboo in our society. This is something I wanted to overcome. I wrote about the used jewelry box I bought in Ybor that I did not have a particular recipient in mind for. I ended up painting it for a friend who has a travel themed room. Since the box had some wear and tear, personalizing it was a way to make it like new again.