Brown Paper Packages…


There’s always that one scrap of paper that’s left over from a roll that you’re just not quite sure what to do with. In this case, I rescued this scrap from a pile at The Repurpose Project, but nevertheless, I have certainly faced this dilemma before. I decided to give this scrap paper a new life by turning it into a gift bag for a necklace. I found simple instructions through Pinterest (it was the simplest origami project I’ve ever taken on), and I added a sticker from a set of festive decals which were also plucked out of a bin of miscellaneous objects.

It was important to me that I celebrate the holidays in a more conscious manner, without sacrificing the things that bring me joy. I have fond memories of unwrapping presents with my family, and while zero packaging is certainly an option to consider when “green” gifting, it was not something I wanted to give up. However, by opting to wrap my presents, extra effort must be made to ensure that the paper does not end up in the trash can on Christmas morning.


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