The Repurpose Project

The Repurpose Project is one of my favorite places in Gainesville. It’s fun, quirky, and it’s good for the environment. The Repurpose Project attempts to divert resources from landfills by giving them a second life, and it is FULL of cool and useful stuff. Since my goal is to reduce waste this Christmas, I knew this would be a great place to do some shopping.

While browsing around, I found a necklace for my mom. I’m not sure of its story, but I think most of the jewelry in the store are either used or made by local artists. My mom and I have similar taste, so she has been the easiest to shop “green” for thus far.

There was also a section of wrapping paper scraps, half-used rolls, bows, and gift bags. I picked up one roll of snowflake paper, and a festive piece of scrap of paper for smaller gifts. I also found a set of Christmas stickers to use on packages.



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