The First Gift

My first exercise in sustainable gifting occurred at the Stained Market Place in Tampa, Florida. My mom and I decided to stop in because of its colorful exterior, and the intriguing piles of “junk” outside the store front. While inside, I found a used drum head for $5 (pictured above), a jewelry box for $2, and a colorful wicker basket for $10. If time permits, I always circle used and vintage stores more than once. These types of stores are not organized like your typical retail shop. Sometimes it takes a second pass to find an amazing piece hidden in all of the “junk.”

While the basket was a gift to myself, I will be repurposing the jewelry box and drum head for Christmas Gifts. I don’t have a clear vision for the jewelry box yet, but I plan to repurpose the drum as a side table for my boyfriend’s bedroom. Drumming has always been a hobby for him, so it caught my attention immediately.

It felt a bit strange buying something used as a gift for someone else. But I was excited to make my fist sustainable Christmas purchase. I was supporting the local economy and buying something used! Compared to a traditional shopping experience, this was much more enjoyable. I really felt like I was discovering something new and exciting when I came across my purchases.



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